Sid Balakrishnan
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Check out these amazing transformations we created with our clients solar panels. Solar is a very cost effective renewable source of energy and keeping them maintained is important. Give us a call at (760)-681-1313 or email us at for your complimentary estimate.

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Dirty retaining walls and siding are no match to the power of Socal Softwash. We will clean your mess with ease. Contact us at or give us a call at (760)-681-1313 for your complimentary estimate. Stop looking at your dirty siding and get it fixed with Socal Softwash, the […]

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Our safe and effective soft wash method utilizes low pressurized water and biodegradable chemicals and surfactants that clean, treat, and remove organic growth and buildup at the source, giving up to 5x the longevity of a clean surface to mere ‘water washing’; without the potential of damage that can be […]

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Here are some before and after’s of projects we have completed. Dirty, moldy, green or stained concrete, pavers or brick? No problem we can make it like new! Contact us at (760)-681-1313 or email us at for a complimentary estimate for your cleaning needs. Concrete and stone cleaning is […]

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