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If your current system is not producing as it should, we can replace your old system with a new one! 🔥➡️ We removed a customers old system and replaced it with a brand new 8 KW 25 panel system in El Cajon.🙌🏼

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With Utility rates going up, and the 30 % federal tax credit decreasing in 2020, right now you get the best opportunity to save! We offer the best equipment at the lowest price. So give us a call and let’s get you set up to start saving now! #cyberdynesolar #gosolar♻️♻️♻️♻️

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17848 Old Winemaster Way
Cyberdyne Solar is your expert solar installation and service for your home or business in Southern California. We offer the best equipment and the best prices on the market! Our specialty within solar are in solar P/V system installations, replacements, consulting, and maintenance. We are experts in all aspects of solar projects and our services are customizable to each individual solar project.The quality of our work along with our expertise and commitment to our customers and the community are what sets the us apart from the other solar companies.
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